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Ever wondered what happens in theAsianparent?

The digital age has made a lot of things convenient for mothers. Not only when it comes to looking up information about health and child development, but also being able to buy a lot of needs with just one point or click, without leaving the home. No getting stuck in traffic, difficulty in finding parking, or wasting time queuing at the cash register. However, what do we know about the actual c...

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The largest parenting portal in the region,, has recently crossed the 2.5 million monthly unique visitors from Indonesia mark, officially earning the title of #1 among Indonesian parenting websites. Published in Bahasa Indonesia, theAsianparent content speaks to the modern Indonesian mum with topics ranging from pregnancy and breastfeeding, to child care tips, relationship ad...

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theAsianparent (TAP), the largest parenting portal in the region, has gathered 110 (and counting!) influencers across Southeast Asia to establish the ‘TAPfluencer network’, the first of its kind. Composed mostly of mumfluencers, a handful of dadfluencers, as well as thought leaders, the network has a collective reach of 6.1 million users across Asia: 2.4 million on Facebook and 2.5 million...

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At the recently held CHOmum Marketing to Mums conference, panels of industry experts were invited to enlighten marketers on the “Chief Household Officer” aka Asian millennial mum. In the discussion on how to speak to the CHOmum, Caroline Troman, Commercial Director, Asia at AOL, shared the 3 ‘content moments’ they’ve found to appeal to these mums the most: Inspiration, Learning to be ...

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Much has been said about marketing to the post-millennial generation, Gen Z. They don’t respond to traditional marketing strategies, are notoriously tough nuts to crack when it comes to engagement, are mobile natives with omnichannel behaviour, value authenticity over branding and promos, and so on. But have we considered what will happen once they become parents? This mind-numbing thought w...

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